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    Batanes - Northmost province in the Philippines

    Any of you guys been to Batanes? From the pictures I saw and stories I heard, it looks like a nice place. I heard the stores there are not manned by vendors. People can just go inside a store there, get what they want, and leave the money on the table. People there are the most honest in the Philippines.

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    Re: Batanes - Northmost province in the Philippines

    Batanes is a great place to go to. The northern most island's or the Philippines is peaceful and not very crowded. I was lucky enough to visit 3 of it's islands, Batan, Yami and Sabtang. Batan is the commercial center and is the capital municipality of Bataan, It is also the most populated, this is where my hotel was. Yami (itbayat) is a nice island, you can see Taiwan from this island on a clear day. In Sabtang you'll find a very nice beach and a lot of cool nature.

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    Re: Batanes - Northmost province in the Philippines

    I never visit this place in my whole life even I heard about it first time with my Uncle. Who have been there about three months ago with his friends. He told me much about it. Now I have a plan to go to there once after my Parsippany to niagara falls bus tour in coming months with my few friends for fun. We will stay there for four days and I want to see its fabulous attractions.

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    Re: Batanes - Northmost province in the Philippines

    As i never have been to there in Batanes - Northmost province in the Philippines. but my uncle have been to there visited and surely it will be very nice and mesmerizing time for me to go there, so buddies just let me know about its accommodation where i can stay, and will join that destination after my Whale Watching bus tour.



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