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Thread: Shopping Mall

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    Shopping Mall

    Hey I am making plan to visit Portugal these days. As I am very fond of shopping and I love to buy new clothes from different places. Anyone please tell me about the best Shopping Malls in Portugal which can fascinate me to buy it.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    Amoreiras Shopping Center is one of the most famous shopping malls in Lisbon. It is also one the finest shopping Mall in Lisbon. I think you should do your shopping from there. Want to go with denver bus tours deals.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    Centro Colombo is a nice place among for shopping lovers. I personally visited there once with my friends and had great time. If you wanna buy some good places there then must take a visit there, I am sure you will find things at good rate as well.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    harry...! I agree with you that Centro Colombo is a great place for shopping. I also visited there with my elder sister and we really enjoyed their shopping. It offers all good services to their guessts. If you are shoppin lovers then I will suggest you to msut go there once. I am sure you will have great time there.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    Well great names shared here and nice too, i like Centro Colombo shoping mall and like to visit this when I am there and so sure that this will prove full of fun and nice for me to try this shoping mall in future with my family.
    I am never forget my thousand island cruise tour

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    Cortiço & Netos
    Loja Real
    Armazém do Mercado
    A Vida Portuguesa
    These are the best shopping palces to see in this country. I hope you will find them easily.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    I have experienced to enjoy shopping in Lisbon. It was a superb experience for me. I would like to try this once again soon. According to me, the best and luxurious shopping malls in this city are:
    Armazéns do Chiado
    Centro Colombo
    Centro Comercial Atrium SaldanhaEntre
    Centro Comercial Imaviz
    Tanto - Indoor Market
    What you say about these shopping places. have you ever experienced of shopping there.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    I love shopping so much and just love to move to it again and again. That is why i just love to move to various places like i am going on tour houston texas. I hope i will enjoy shopping as well. By the way, i personally like to say that Centro Comercial Atrium SaldanhaEntre is a good place and surely i will like to have some fun there again and again.

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    Re: Shopping Mall

    I know some of the popular malls like Algarve Shopping, Algarve Shopping and Centro Vasco da Gama. Go and shop whatever you want!



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