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    Vacation in a Russian village!

    Vacation in a Russian village!

    An ordinary village in the heart of Russia, a usual one, without embellishments. For those people who appreciate exotics, I mean a real simple provincial Russian life. The village is not isolated. Next to the village there is a small provincial town. The Nizhniy Novgorod city is situated in 100 km from the village. A couple of two ordinary, simple and hospitable retired people will feed you country Russian food, will heat the bath-house and the fireplace after baths…

    The house is situated just in front of a pond. Beyond the fence there is a stream and some green tuft (trees and bushes) full of singing birds including nightingales! Tasty hot food three times a day (not counting snacks) and clean bedclothes just for 170 Euros per week. Excursions and walks to the forest with berries and mushrooms, to abandoned villages and other interesting places, for example, a famous functioning monastery on the bank of the river Volga – for free.

    You would like to see a real Russia without embellishments and to get acquainted with its inhabitants not being deprived of normal comfortable conditions? – Welcome to Nina and Yuriy, Nizhegorodskaya oblast’ (region), Russia.

    (I didn’t manage to attach photos to the text. If needed I’ll send you some photos by e-mail ).

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    Re: Vacation in a Russian village!

    I have no much idea about the Russian village because i just tour the city no go to the village but now i want to need that again go for the Russia tour and specially my mostly concentration on the village of Russian specially on the farmers that how they work on the field...
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    Re: Vacation in a Russian village!

    If you are nature lovers and you would like to capture the nature's charming views, so I suggest you should go in Russian village. It is a full of nature beauty spots. You can fully enjoy there and could make your vocations remember able .

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    Re: Vacation in a Russian village!

    Yeah Hyrrin! I agree with you Russian village is a beautiful destination to enjoy the vacations by exploring the charm of nature. I have experienced of being there last year during my summer vacations. I went there with my group of friends and all of us spent a quality time there. I think everyone should go there at least once in his life.

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    Re: Vacation in a Russian village!

    I have never ever got a chance to enjoy the Vacation in a Russian village. It seems a really great fun option to enjoy a lot of things like that so I would love to enjoy this sort of amazing things to get a lot of amazing stuff like that.



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