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    Moscow travel tips

    Hi, I'm going to visit Moscow through the next week, can anybody give some hints about places to visit (except of Kremlin, Red Square, Bolshoy Th., etc.)? The budget is limited (50-60 USD/day). How is better to travel independently (without group - Metro, Taxi...)? Is it safe to visit during Victory Day?

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    Re: Moscow travel tips

    There are lots touristís attractions found in Moscow. It is the metropolitan city with a grand historical past and monuments reflecting tales of how religion shaped the Russian culture. A few months back, I had visited this city with my hubby. At that time I had seen many places like Saint Basilís Cathedral, Leninís Mausoleum, GUM Department store, The Resurrection gates, etc. Our trip was fabulous with the help of Happy Moscow Tours. In coming 2017 I will definitely visit this wonderful city again.

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    Re: Moscow travel tips

    Tourists attractions places in Moscow visit historical sites and most beautiful monuments. There are lot of wonderful travel adventure of there.

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    Re: Moscow travel tips

    Generally the whole outcome that we get to experience with it so far moves ahead and lets it all grow for us tour to niagara falls from new jersey can be taken care of and with the following factors all would be taken care of in terms of traveling experiences.

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    Re: Moscow travel tips

    Moscow seems really a great kid of destination to explore as it is really new to me. I have neve been at thsi but would really love to try to explore with my father after completing mine new york niagara bus for sure. I am looking for some best summer tourist places so the Moscow will be best for it or not?

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    Re: Moscow travel tips

    I would say everyone shared amazing and useful information about Moscow travel tips. I also wanna add a few tips and hope these would be useful for readers.
    My first tip is regarding*your visa and other travel documents, Please get them in advance and register your visa upon arrival.*

    Second, before departing or going to Moscow, make sure you know their basic language's*words or paragraphs.

    Third, Use the metro system rather than choosing a taxi or bus. Metro is far cheaper.*
    Both a new start and a happy ending await us as we enjoy the fantastic time of countdown to new year and making the best memories!



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