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    Re: SeaWorld

    I have never been to sea world but always wanted to go, I have been to several ripleys aquariums before though and really enjoyed them so I would love to go one day. At one of the aquariums we...
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    Re: Travel with or without pets?

    I would travel without pets, it makes traveling more expensive because most hotels have very high fees for your pets. Also you are limited to what you can do, and how long you can be out if you...
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    Family vacation

    I would like to take a family vacation sometime soon but have no idea where we should go, I would like to venture out and go somewhere we have never gone before. Our son will be one year old when we...
  4. Re: What is the best outlet mall to shop at in the States?

    I love tanger outlet malls all over north and South Carolina, they have a huge variety of stores and everything is very well priced (not just saying that either). They have something for everyone. I...
  5. Re: What is your favorite National Park and Why?

    Virginia would be mine as well it is stunningly beautiful and my whole family enjoys it. We have been twice and I'm sure we will make another trip out there. Great for pictures!
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    Re: Best State For Summer Vacations

    I would say Florida because in summer time the weather is fantastic. Not only the weather but there is tons and tons to do for all ages. Me and my husband take a trip to Florida with our family once...
  7. Re: As a photo taker, which State provides the best scenic back drop?

    I live in North Carolina so my opinion is a little bit biased but I absolutely think North Carolina is beautiful. The mountains here are so beautiful and there are tons and tons of them. Also someone...
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    Re: First State

    The first state I have ever visited was South Carolina on a trip to myrtle beach. It's hard not to remember your first trip to the beach. Laying in the sun, walking along the beach, shopping at all...
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    Re: Visiting undergound caverns?

    I absolutely love visiting caverns I think they are so neat, truly something for the entire family. I remember as a kid my parents taking me to several. We live not far from Virginia so I have been...
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