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    How Is Public Transport In Singapore-Cost, Quality, Map & Planner

    Just wanted to ask other members about the state of public transport in Singapore and will using public transport in Singapore be better than renting a car. Also tell about the quality of public transport there when compare to other cities in US and Europe.

    Other thing that I would like to know is that is there any planner available where the routes can be planned for going to point A to point B in shortest interval of time. Are there any maps available in print and is there any way I can get Singapore public transport map online.

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    Re: How Is Public Transport In Singapore-Cost, Quality, Map & Planner

    I was able to print one when we had a vacation in Singapore. I assure you, getting around to places is as easy as reciting the ABC. Trust me. I've been there several times. I do not recommend renting a car for I think it's not budget-friendly. Riding through public transport in Singapore all the more makes your trip memorable.

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    Re: How Is Public Transport In Singapore-Cost, Quality, Map & Planner

    Hi !
    I have been in Singapore for study and travel and now i'm living in Canada.
    In singapore, I think that public transport is very good. There is a subway which is called MRT. If you are traveller, you can buy an unlimited using public transport card and it costs 10 singpore dollars per day. You can use bus, MRT with this card. And if you want to go from point A to B, you can check on google maps , MRT informations should be showed on the google.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: How Is Public Transport In Singapore-Cost, Quality, Map & Planner

    Public transportation is posh in all these regions especially because they do carry an impact which is there and for me uses of it and stuff like new jersey to niagara falls bus tour has the best outcome so far that can be taken care of and works for all in all the attempts.

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    Re: How Is Public Transport In Singapore-Cost, Quality, Map & Planner

    It's really nice to read out this great stuff about it because how to rev and the sources of traveling t any of place is really impacting factor to know about, I have never tried out the Singapore travel but sure that will try it soon because have ahead bout it a lot from others so I am sure that while that it will prove really amazing and great.

    grand canyon bus tours from vegas would be really amazing to have fun a lot.



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