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Thread: South Africa?

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    South Africa?

    Hello Guys,

    I am planning to travel to South Africa with my family in last of december 2016 , I am wondering where to go and what to do. Any feedback on safety and security there..?


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    Re: South Africa?

    South Africa is the best place for having fun with friends and family members. There you can do lots of activities and will visit lots of attractions which you have ever dreamed of your life. If you are worried about its security and wanna know about this so I think you should contact with their private security companies. I think you should choose SA Security Group. so sure this will be best for you.

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    Re: South Africa?

    suraj57....! I would say that you have choose really awesome destination for visit. I am going to mention the names of some must see places of this amazing country which I had explored during my journey such as:

    Kruger National Park
    Table Mountain
    Robben Island
    Blyde River Canyon
    Lion's Head
    Two Oceans Aquarium

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    Re: South Africa?

    Kruger National Park is such a really nice and best for travelling point of view. I wish I will go there again in my next time of vacations. I wanna spend my lovely time here and also wanna enjoy my time with my friends in Kruger National Park after finishing my new york to niagara falls tour. so sure I will good time here with all of them.

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    Re: South Africa?

    Isaac ! you have shared here really great places names of South Africa. I just so much love this and so more about that it will be really amazing for me to be there around this place as well because I have never been there till yet. I have noted these all names into my bucket list and sure that will prove really great.

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    Re: South Africa?

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