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    Traveller vs. Tourist - Recommendations for South Africa

    When I go abroad I'm not looking for a tourist experience. By that I mean tour packages, nice hotels, fancy dinners, and all those things associated with a vacation. I'm a traveller and I like to interact with locals -- taking local transportation (or hitchhiking) and staying with locals or in hostels.

    What are some absolute musts when trying to immerse yourself in South Africa? Any recommendations?

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    Re: Traveller vs. Tourist - Recommendations for South Africa

    I would recommend venturing out from the major cities. Try the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. I have been to Balgowaan area in this province. You're going to find different experiences throughout the country. Cape Town will give you the coastal beach kind of vibe. Durban is pretty authentic in my opinion. Education is very different in South Africa. You'll find that everyone pays for their education. You'll see more expensive "prep schools" very much like in the UK. Consider contacting a school to see if you could volunteer there in exchange for boarding. You can venture out into different communities from the school as a "base" of sorts. Try Michaelhouse in Balgowaan.

    Just a few suggestions. It's a beautiful country and the people are very nice.

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    Re: Traveller vs. Tourist - Recommendations for South Africa

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