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    Me and Family 5 Day Adventure Trip To Spain

    The narrative of me and my family 5 day trip to Spain can be summed up as an incredible experience. With Moorish empires in Granada, flourishing resorts located adjacent to the Costa del Sol and a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage spots in Seville, Toledo and Cordoba, this is an expedition of Spain's famed cities.

    I can firmly attest to the attractive nature of the Andalucia region owing to its mild weather, its history and traditions as well as the environmental nature. I am made to understand that it was successively subjugated by Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, and Carthaginians, later on Suevians and Vandals before the Arab occupation for roughly five centuries.

    Day 1 saw me and my family visit the Toledo, a World Heritage town. The experience of the visit never ceased to rest in my imagination. The fortified primeval city located on a hill offers a breathtaking aerial view of the Tagus River, and is undoubtedly where all types of cultures and ages of Spain meet. Here, we found Christians, Jewish and Moorish people living in harmony. After a sumptuous lunch, we set out on an impressive expedition of the city's most renowned monuments including, the renowned Damasquinado. As the hometown of El Greco, the famous Spanish artist, we sampled many of his art pieces.

    Day 2 saw us depart from Toledo city in the morning to Granada. Granada is known for its conspicuous Arab influence. Sampling what the city of Granada has to offer in terms of its stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Generalife and Alhambra Gardens was a thrilling experience. At the fall of dark, we sought accommodation at Hotel Los Angeles after a tiresome but captivating day.

    The next day saw us take breakfast and leave for Seville. On arrival, I noticed the rich Arab influence that characterized Seville city which lies on the banks of Guadalquivir River. We enjoyed a city tour of The Cathedral, Maria Luisa Gardens and Santa Cruz Quarter. The afternoon saw us discover a range of exclusive views as well as try out a number of local appetizers. A tour around this stunning city lets you sample the vibrant nature of its streets and squares. After a wearisome but fulfilling day, we booked accommodation at the stylish Emperador Trajano hotel.

    The following morning, we had a delicious breakfast at our hotel, Emperador Trajano and afterwards, headed to Ronda. Ronda is a well renowned tourist destination and I particularly enjoyed the sightseeing exploration of this stunning metropolis of Celtic origin. Some of the sites we discovered include the Cathedral, the Bull Ring, the Old Quarter and the splendid Tajo Gorge. In the afternoon, we departed to Costa del Sol, where we had an afternoon of leisure involving sun bathing. At the end of the day, we laid for a rest at Las Piramides hotel.

    Our final day saw us depart to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. We sampled a couple of attractions such as the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the Almudena Cathedral. At the end of the day, it had been a terrific 5 day tour of Spain that has forever remained part of our cherished memories.

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    I really enjoy first hand accounts of trips taken by people of the places I would like to see. It helps in getting a glimpse of what there is to see and at the same time it keeps my head in tune with what is out there and the possibilities that I can take when I plan to take a trip myself. Thankfully, there are people around who are willing to take the time to actually catalogue/document their trips so that the information can be available for others to go through.

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    My what an experience! It sounded like it was very rewarding indeed. My fiancÚ' and I have always wanted to go to Spain. I personally think it has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, and from the way you made it sound it seems that my expectations on it are solid! I appreciate reading up on these glimpses from other fellow vacationers who have visited foreign countries. It really does just provide such an amazing insight for places that most are most willing to go. Provides amazing descriptions and ideas of what to expect; which helps a lot in my case. I have been planning a trip to France this past year and finally get to go. I have read so many different reviews on what the trips were like and how the experience was, I have never been so excited. Thanks for the wonderful summary! I can gladly say Spain is next on my to do list!

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    Spain is also on my to do list especially during the Tomatina festival. I would love to partake in it one day. Another to do is to visit Camp Nou in Barcelona especially when a fierce rivalry game is being played such as with Real Madrid. I have mostly read glorious reviews on Spain and how beautiful it is with its heritage, buildings, towns and food and I would love to be able to experience it pretty soon myself.

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    Re: Me and Family 5 Day Adventure Trip To Spain

    Superb experience my dear i also want to go for the Spain tour but i have no idea which is the most favorite city in the Spain i know Madrid is good city if you have an idea to other city tell me...
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