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    Tenerife Lifestyle.

    Tenerife has become a place you either love or hate because of it's reputation as a venue for the 18-30 party people.
    There is so much more to this beautiful Island. Having relocated here from the UK some twelve years ago I get to see both sides of the coin.
    Yes it does have a large area of late night bars and clubs and is a big draw in the summer for the party crowd but even then there are beautiful beaches, hiking trails, golf courses and so many old canarian villages, that can be visited on organised trips or by hire car. The further up towards the west or north of the Island you venture the more of the "old" Tenerife you can enjoy. Santa Cruz the capitol of Tenerife is only an hour away up the motorway. The large national park of Teide has many trecking trails and a large barbecue area where you take your own steaks salad and charcoal and party away. The only exception to this is when "risk of fire" orders are in place following a long dry spell and some of the park is closed off.
    Winter time and the swallows start to arrive, semi-residents who come to Tenerife for two,three, four months to escape the rigours of the cold winters at home, arriving from many countries including the UK, Germany,Italy and Scandinavia.
    The age group of tourists generally increases during the months of September through March, with April through August being the time of the younger generation.
    With the all year round sunny weather we enjoy, slightly cooler in the winter, it really is an Island for all ages.
    Think about it and come see us, like the rest of Spain we've been hit badly in the recession and could do with all the help we can get.
    If there's anything thing I can help you with, or question I can answer feel free. I am not associated with any travel business just a long time resident who wants to see the Island get back on its feet

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    If I remember it right, it was February when I visited Tenerife and was fortunate to have witnessed the annual Tenerife Carnival. The streets of Santa Cruz was filled with colors, bright lights, and people joining in the festivities. I enjoyed the tapas and local drinks being sold in the streets and one can never go hungry with the many little food stalls installed in the streets. Food in Tenerife are no doubt one of the best I have tasted, and to feast on that while waiting for the main event to start was an experience in itself. The crowd in the Santa Cruz streets may be too thick, but all were having a good time and the upbeat mood of the people was contagious. The colorful costumes of the participants and dancers of the carnival were a sight to enjoy. Music was everywhere! The highlight was the coronation of the Queen of the Carnival. It was an awesome experience for me and that is one of the highlights of my Tenerife trip.




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