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    Thinking About Traveling to Pamplona

    My mom's family derives partly from Pamplona, Spain and I'd love to visit it after I visit Galway, Ireland. I am embarrassed to say that I don't know much about the area, and I was wondering what main sites there are to see, aside from the bull riding events. I don't think those would be of much interest to me. Has anyone traveled there before? What are the people like, and how do they react towards tourists? Thank you so much in advanced for taking the time to answer.

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    Re: Thinking About Traveling to Pamplona

    Its good that are thinking about the traveling but one of my friend tell to me about the past of Pamplona 90% of the tickets are season tickets and there is a 15 year waiting list for those and less percent in night...
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    Re: Thinking About Traveling to Pamplona

    Pamplona is a best city for travelling as tourism point of view. It is a home mesmerizing attractions where visitors can visit with family and kids could make their tour remember able. I love this city due to its historical places that grab attentions of visitors each year. I have been there many times of my life. What will you say about it.

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    Re: Thinking About Traveling to Pamplona

    Last year I visited in Pamplona. This is a beautiful city of Spain and I have a plan to visit again there with my family and see its attractions again. After, my bus tours from new york city to Niagara falls. I wish I will enjoy my winter holidays there like past my tour.



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