strong combination of strategic cooperation. And the flooring brand of strategic cooperation, Mr. Huang Zhida is the first time, strict requirements are more prudent, and long Sheng floor, whether in quality, technology or style innovation are once again fully affirmed. The interior design industry has been increasingly recognized by the public,
with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of life and personalized needs, and these should be through professional interior designers to help achieve. Mr. Huang Zhida served as the brand strategy consultant Jiusheng floor, the media as a cross-industry joint creative work.
For the flooring industry and the interior design industry, this innovative model of marketing not only broke the general pattern of Chinese flooring business and entertainment star endorsement, but also to promote the internationalization of China's home industry, as well as the sustainable development of China's flooring industry are has great significance.
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