entrance " 9+2 " platform pattern, reduced an enterprise effectively to produce cost, trade cost and labor cost, aid pushed furniture industry to do do greatly strong.sealing railroad ties for playground border This area introduces spaceflight cloud net, make home first " Internet + furniture " integrated service platform, build 3D of industry of furniture of home of Na Kang head to print an experience house and numerous achieve, numerous chip, numerous bag, numerous help up " 4 numerous " platform, drove furniture to produce kind to custom-built change,

flexible change, green is changed and network transforms, those who advanced furniture industry informatization and new-style industrialization " two change " shirt-sleeve. In the meantime, hold to wood deck bench brackets the line on the line to fall " walking on two legs " , promoted the bitter fleabane break out of furniture cable business to exhibit.

2016, business of cable of this diy resurfacing concrete pool decking area furniture trades the forehead amounts to 10.71 billion yuan. Current, garden of poineering hatch of bright cable business has the honor to win the whole nation " area of garden of business affairs of 10 beautiful electron " , market of Na Kang furniture is awarded by national Department of Commerce " demonstrative base of countrywide electron business affairs " . Current,decking products pavers over concrete company of Na Kang furniture many 7500, from personnel of course of study 40 much,