17:18 conferences pull open heavy curtain formally, dimension heart real wood is multilayer (OSB) board product of popular as Tang building materials star, take the lead in passing video short and honored guests to meet, conduct propaganda piece wait for a respect from foreground of product function, series,sunproof water proofing sealant application respectively all-around the visual sumptuous dinner that the ground brings OSB+ of heart of a dimension to everybody!

Subsequently compere raised 3 questions to the honored guest, 1. Dimension heart group establishs a particular year (answer 1963) ; 2. Dimension heart real wood is multilayer (OSB) board advantage (answer 0 aldehyde are released, intensity of structural stability, agglutination the tall, strength that grasp a hammer is good etc) ; outdoor plastic garden walls lesbos prefecture 3. Brand shop of plank of red A of heart of dimension of county of lake of overgrown with weeds opens time (answer July 2016) , spot honored guest is grabbed actively answer, each advantage blurts out dimension heart OSB, spot atmosphere again ignition!

Tang building materials Mr Tangsheng makes a speech, express warm reception and true acknowledgment to all honored guests, 30 years when introduced Tang building materials for everybody,composite patio furniture patterns holding to sincere letter to be an upright person, the concept that sureness works, be faced leisurely and spend each difficulty.