<p>China's economic development will likely move to a smooth or even decline.<a href="http://ecodeckings.com/composite/floor-composite-supplier-for-in-malaysia.html">floor composite supplier for in malaysia</a> China's famous economist Li Yining said that China will not appear after the Olympic recession phenomenon, he expected, China's 8% economic growth rate can be maintained for more than 15 years. He pointed out that the current macro-control is not the purpose of anti-inflation, but to improve the quality of economic growth, optimize the industrial structure, the economy from the extensive growth mode into intensive growth mode.non skid applications for wood deck In the wood flooring industry, after the Olympic economy and post-Olympic marketing is also widely discussed, then, after the Olympic </p>
<p>Games, how will the impact of the wood flooring industry? <a href='http://520floor.com/composite/4357.html'>plastic wooden decking bracket</a>I believe that no matter how the trend of economic trends, the flooring industry after the Olympic Games economic significance is not large. The flooring itself and the Olympic economy, the Olympic marketing relationship is not the first in the pavement area, although there can be alternatives such as tiles, etc., but because of the existence of regional culture, wood flooring can still be seen as the lack of elastic items,clear plastic garden furniture cover both wood flooring Is a rigid demand for the product. The so-called rigid demand, is relative to the elastic demand, refers to the supply and demand of goods by the impact of less demand </p>
<p>for demand, both lack of flexibility or less flexible. <a href="http://ecodeckings.com/composite/pvc-fence-suppliers-turkey.html">pvc fence suppliers turkey</a>For the rigid demand, the stimulus factors on the outside world should not be sensitive, therefore, the Olympic economy on the floor meaning is not. Second, in the Olympic economy, the best of its economic characteristics, of course, is the first sports brand, followed by drinks, and then is durable goods, in the classification of durable goods, we must also pay attention to a detail, such as cars and wood flooring,eco friendly wood plastic composite decking Its scientific and technological content, the people's expectations, the brand needs loyalty have a world of difference, the car can be in the Olympic Games, after the Olympic Games to </p>