<p>the life accident of wooden floor and floor maintain be closely bound up, diligent clean diligent maintain, the life of the floor can grow for certain, maintaining of course while also must notice means method. Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up remind:Real wood floor Maintaining the following note must be read when waxing. </p>
<p>1, the rubbish of cleared floor surface mixes use cleaner of; of the rubbish of cleared floor surface, dirty content dirt. The neuter scour after using dilute wipes the besmirch on the floor, water of offer of usable to the besmirch that keeps clear of hard letter is wiped. Stay in groove place to prevent scour to accumulate, immersed the dishcloth of scour should be twisted as far as possible dry. Cleared agent can bring about floor dried meat be soiled of floor generation mark and bouffant, cannot use absolutely. </p>
<p>2, the moisture of surface of floor of sufficient and dry; and groove ministry is completely dry for rear can wax. Differ according to season, what need time to also produce change, but should spend above a long time roughly. If do not have a course sufficient and dry, floor dried meat will not adhere to cheek by jowl in floor surface, the influence is beautiful, produce extensive white phenomenon. </p>
<p>3, with twist dry dishcloth to wipe; to use twist dry dishcloth to undertake wiping floor surface forcibly, especially groove part, want to be wiped carefully, do not want rudimental scour. If remain,scour and water branch cause the appearance extensive is white, bouffant. </p>
<p>4, gas of choice fine fine day waxes; wet humidity is exorbitant, wax can produce white chaotic phenomenon. Room temperature is in 5 degrees the following when, floor dried meat can harden. The dishcloth that contains chemical is not used to wipe a floor please before waxing, can bring about floor dried meat adherent and undesirable. </p>
<p>5, ; does not walk on the floor before floor dried meat is dry dry want a flower 20 minutes to arrive normally a hour, if have leakage,besmear should undertake filling besmearing. If use waxed means twice, should be the 2nd when daub after first time is completely dry undertake. Left and right sides of every 6 months is hit dried meat, can retain a floor board for a long time beautiful. </p>
<p>6, wax methodological; shakes of Floor dried meat container, sufficient mix is even. The not marked place such as the corner that the room should be in before the floor whole of the room waxes undertakes local try out, affirm have as good as constant. Kick crural line and furniture to want to use adhesive plaster paper to wait for afore-mentioned pair of place cover to prevent floor dried meat to pollute a wall, with clean dishcloth sufficient dip dips in floor dried meat, with not drippy and advisable, cannot will floor dried meat is directly on the floor, can produce trace otherwise be soiled and circle mark. The wooden grain direction according to the floor is careful daub, do not want leakage besmear or Bao Hou not all, daub quantity can cause shade too less not all, can bring about again too much go to film is undesirable, maintaining Bao Houjun divide evenly is to hit dried meat crucial, not usable water is attenuant floor dried meat. </p>