"The client is queueing up to waiting for our product, the overhaul is floriferous between one climate, mean little production plank of 1000 much M , we aux would rather a bit bitterer,deck boards pvc vs composite a bit tiredder, also absolutely not disappoint leader expects to ours, do not make a client disappointed to us " , fei Yaojin says.

Much arrange develops simultaneously, ensure raw material stability is supplied,Although auspicious fill a company to have advanced manufacturing facilities, have keen-witted and modern pergola composite direct factory capable administrative technology group, but if raw material is in short supply, so artful Fu also is a hard job to cook a meal without rice.

In Feburary 2016, overcast and rainy is continuous during the Spring Festival, the farmer that offers miscellaneous Mu Jisong to cultivate still spends the New Year in busy move, did not chop a tree to offer makings, auspicious fill a company to be faced with raw material " of " spring barren. However, each businessman plastic faux teak bost decking begins market of plank of race to control, order is following one by one, "Particieboard of card of " of the hill that send this world demands exceeds supply. But pile makings field raw material to be not worth 5000 tons, use 3 days quite only.