Neat in the examination secretary points out, each area, departmental door should treat safe production as from beginning to end working Chongzhongzhi is heavy, often should catch indefatigable, catch fine, catch it is solid, good to catch, should fulfil seriously various a series of arrangement deploy that work about strengthening safe production. plastic wall plants manila Neat secretary still emphasizes repeatedly to company controller: It is an enterprise must firm establish safety to develop an idea, from beginning to end the nerve of take up safe production, from the thought height takes seriously,

from the action grip is fulfilled. Responsibility of aggrandizement industry main body " 5 fulfil 5 reach the designated position " carry out carry out, 2 it is the enterprise wants to begin hidden channel trim for hollow composite decking trouble platoon careful and meticulously to check, especially fire hidden trouble. Want to want to take effective measures instantly to discharging the hidden trouble of fish,

should establish perfect company safe production each regulations system, should manage in actual production more in cogent executive regulations, implement a system. 3 it is the enterprise average price mahogany decking should strengthen pair of safety from personnel of course of study to teach, make employee abides system of of all kinds and safe regulations, be familiar with safe operating rules, can identify safe risk hidden danger,cover concrete porch deck master accident lash-up knowledge.