Focus: through the price to promote sales 07 floor market situation in 2006, China's flooring industry is troubled. 07 years ago, the floor industry is how some of it? Recently, the reporter visited the major decorative city and home supermarkets found that years after the major flooring brands have spent vigorously organized promotional activities,
not only attracted the public eye, but also to achieve the purpose of improving sales. According to the reporter to understand, Green, Berlin, Fulin, the elephant, nature and other brand floor in the years have held a large promotional activities, the most recent March 17 - March 18 Xin house floor in the East Gate Jinsheng Decoration City held a two-day "2007 Xin house floor spring large shopping",
according to reporters rough statistics, the activities of the signing of the amount of more than 100 single. And the security of Li Yang floor store will also cooperate with Suning Appliance, held in the March 24-25 "New Year's huge move moved 2007" large-scale promotional activities. In view of this,
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