All the floor to return. "Mr. Lee said," Sun boss know that I live on the first floor, in the choice of this floor, he did not tell me to live on the first floor pavement inappropriate; Has been under the floor plus moisture pad, and I do not use the floor caused by improper foaming. "Dealer: can not all return dealer Sun boss said,"
Mr. Lee living on the first floor, the floor is easy to moisture, not suitable for laying this Composite floor; 45 yuan / square meter price can not buy solid wood flooring, even if the quality is good composite floor is not the price; floor foam may be caused by the use of moisture, the floor itself is not a quality problem.
The floor can be replaced. "Consumers to deal with the results of Quanzhou District Consumers Association staff said that Mr. Lee paved the floor has been used for a long time, Consider the principle of fairness, the original price floor for a full refund dealers not acceptable. Treatment advice is given, the two sides compromised on the basis of a discount on the original price to return.
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