stagnation Despite the increase in consumer self-identification and protection awareness, shoddy flooring has lost market in considerable areas, in turn to more subtle and more deceptive way to continue flicker consumers. They are often by changing the production process, using molding and other technology to make a face-lift to re-appear in the market.
"Five bad board" commonly used in the old production process, the use of low-grade raw materials, equipment, low degree of automation, low production efficiency, quality control links is difficult to achieve. Currently on the market sales of ultra-low-cost low-quality laminate flooring mostly environmental indicators or wear-resistant indicators and other issues,
some products and even a number of key performance indicators failed. The root is the use of these products are not qualified, not environmentally friendly adhesive, using a low quality substrate and cheap and poor quality decorative paper. Therefore, experts recommend that consumers, must go to the regular home market or store to buy laminate flooring.
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