<p>brand wind, all the way the price is very smooth, but also rising.<a href="http://ecodeckings.com/composite/wet-wall-panel-warehouse.html">wet wall panel warehouse</a> Today, the floor price tide again in the industry Fengshengshuiqi, the Chinese flooring industry seems to fall into a "price - price - price" cyclical cycle, and floor manufacturers, businesses, distributors and other stakeholders are in this circle In the other side was injured, suffered heavy losses. Jiangxi Province,wpc decking south yorkshire June 6 (Reporter Li Xingwen) Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision recently on the market sales of laminate flooring products were supervised checks and found that nearly 40% of the product quality is not qualified, some products, formaldehyde, surface Wear </p>
<p>resistance is poor. Quality supervision departments to three of the serious quality of the product to be exposed. Quality supervision departments of the total inspection of the 43 enterprises to produce 43 batches of products,<a href="http://ecodeckings.com/wpc-decking/how-to-dry-in-upper-deck.html">how to dry in upper deck</a> qualified 26 batches, sampling pass rate of only 60.5%. Spot checks show that the current Jiangxi market sales of laminate flooring products, serious quality problems. Quality Supervision Department informed that the German Dexter State (Group) Co., Ltd.where to get used composite decking produced the trademark for the "Dexie state" to strengthen the floor, Jiangsu Luoke Wood Co., Ltd. produced the trademark "Rocky Wood" to strengthen the floor , </p>
<p>Shanghai Jiahua Wood Co., Ltd. produced the trademark "Shen Hao" to strengthen the floor and other product quality failed. According to reports, the main problems of nonconforming products,<a href="http://ecodeckings.com/composite/how-to-mount-posts-for-pergolas.html">how to mount posts for pergolas</a> one is the individual product formaldehyde emission exceeds the national mandatory standards; Second, the surface wear resistance is poor. The spot checks of 17 batches of substandard products, there are 12 batches of products on the surface wear resistance of less than the required requirements.deck benches around the pool Surface wear layer failure will affect the service life of the product, damage the interests of consumers; third is the low bending strength. The sampling of the </p>