Company controller: Know, know. Execute the law personnel: Is what sequential? Company controller: That is to say, as far as possible according to above requirement. park bench with backrest composite Execute the law personnel: I ask you consequence, know to rip a paper strip for sealing what is sequential? Execute the law personnel: Not be clear about is, know not to know this is to should enter punishment duty!

Superintend group checks discovery in the spot, this company not only do sth without authorization tears apart a paper strip for sealing, and return power source of wicker decking materials for sale in namibia open distribution cabinet, consulting when production is recorded,

superintend and director checks group of discovery this company begins production from Feburary 22, 2017, in the meantime, factory of company raw material has partial office good sound absorbing effect wood flooring sawdust open air to pile up without dustproof measure. At present this enterprise is suspected of production of start working of do sth without authorization, already was sent to the judiciary to undertake investigating. wpc deck board