Arrange the distinction of core board and directional particie board,Directional particieboard is material of template of a structure, can use at the building to build directly, how to lay laminate up to exterior door overseas is very welcome, because this holds plank market share bigger. Nevertheless Chinese market demand and overseas market demand have distinction,

be discussed for many times in the course and study final research and development to give the board that fits Chinese market, arrange core board (arranging core board is what composite wall construction make in the light of blame building application is indoor decorate with material, material of a kind of be directional particieboard improved template) .

Writer summary: After everybody looks, how to make a wood garden feature wall should can understand arranging core board still is particieboard very became good. Actually, when we are buying board, need not follow the masses to go, the choice suits him, just be the most correct. outside wpc deck