With Libaiweier municipal government was signed " strategic cooperation agreement " , limits involves town planning of Bai Weier of Gabon capital benefit and cladding look a like wallpaper urban processing, wholesome field; Social housing is built; Hydraulic electric power is built; Municipal road is built; Environment and can develop continuously; A lot of domain such as system and ability construction.

"We invited Gabon premier to was visited again June China, have agreement of strategic collaboration deepness negotiate. " Zhuang Chao of assistant president of Inc.how to glue laminate threshold of science and technology of appropriate China life, general manager Liu tells 21 centuries economy reports a reporter.

Still can have the investment 100% waterproof laminate wood flooring that exceeds 1 billion dollar,On December 9, 2016, come China Weng Ding of of dagger of state of the in the Gabon president A that has state visit cling to, the delegation that leads many minister composition inspects appropriate China on a special trip.outdoor deck manufacturer