<p>products; some are fence for iron products, handrails and staircase boards using wood products. Compared to pure wood stairs, this stairs seems to have a more lively and interesting. Now, the stairs fence forging the pattern of choice, there are columns, there are various patterns of patterns; color antique, but also to the appearance of </p>
<p>copper and iron. This type of staircase handrails are tailor-made, processing complex, the price is higher. Cast iron stairs relatively less style, the general manufacturers have a fixed manufacturing style, customers can choose from. Color can be processed according to customer requirements. There are many consumers choose marble </p>
<p>stairs, choose this staircase customers, generally have been laid in the ground marble, in order to maintain the unity of indoor color and materials, with marble continue to lay the stairs. But most of the choice of handrails in the wood products, so that the cold space, add a little warm material. The price of this type of decoration is mainly to </p>
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