<p>choice. Some experts pointed out that the soft text marketing will be the future of major enterprises compete most commonly used 'weapons', soft paper marketing, flooring industry is also a great investment 'billboards.' In recent years, with the gradual rise of female consumers, so that the flooring industry to see another market blue </p>
<p>ocean. Women's consumer demand for furniture products gradually increased, but also makes the business must pay attention to this marketing field. In the floor of the product design should also be strictly in accordance with the aesthetic concept of female consumers and personalized needs to start. Fashion personality is the focus of the </p>
<p>needs of the individual into the design, it is easy to find, and now more and more flooring products show more gender-oriented unique design elements have become the new year's women's flooring products on the purchase trend, from building materials Such as flooring, tiles, wallpaper and paint, to the choice of furniture, have shown a </p>
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