of limited company president: Cost of raw material of the end of the year rose to cause certain effect to many enterprises.veranda vs Decking A lot of man-made board the order that the enterprise receives is not little, but also do not have law production, bring about unbalance. Board agency cost is higher and higher, sale fragment is changed On forum of

height of first man-made board, ceng Hongjie of manager of total pool of plank of Urumqi gold sun: Must innovate 2017. Innovate,synthetic fence planks transform from interior begin, make fluctuation unified. Adverse embellish, 0 complain, the service is good. Current pain spot is board agency cost taller and taller, sale fragment is changed,decking materials for sale in the philippines and should spend very

high price. Lumber of pale river international trades the center will introduce gold-rimmed nanmu in order to abound lumber category On March 14, composite wood reinforced bench protection of nanmu of association of industry of forest products of China of bureau of forestry of Ning Liping of professor of courtyard of Lin Xue of Sichuan agriculture college, country and development