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Thread: Lucerne Switzerland A great honeymoon spot

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    Lucerne Switzerland A great honeymoon spot

    I love this town and rank it as one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to. The place is such a throw back to a more romantic era. Walking on cobblestone streets amid wooden houses and buildings is a visual treat. Since no cars are allowed in the old part of the city it is also quite calming to walk around and sightsee. It never feels too busy or touristy here. The views of lake Lucerne are also breath taking. Don't get the wrong idea, it's not boring here. There are a lot of cultural events to attend, a healthy night life to experience and interesting place to explore. The people are also very friendly! I would definitely recommend it as an ideal honeymoon destination.
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    I've heard about this location, and I've seen pictures of Lucerne, Switzerland. It's so picturesque. It reminds me of scene from a child's storybook. The scenery is like something from a fairy tale. It's unbelievable how beautiful that place is.

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    Re: Lucerne Switzerland A great honeymoon spot

    Lucerne is a beautiful city of Switzerland. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and its surrounding attractions. I also visited there about few years ago with my friends for having enjoyment. It is a nice place for visit and you can see a divers kind of attractions there.

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    Re: Lucerne Switzerland A great honeymoon spot

    My father had recently explored Lucerne city with his friends. Last night he had shared those attractions names with me which he had visited there. Let me share those attractions names here.
    RigiChurch of St. Leodegar
    Natur-Museum Luzern
    Lake Lucerne
    Kunstmuseum Luzern
    Lucerne Festival
    Culture and Convention Center, Lucerne

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