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    What makes Tanzania poor?

    hey, i'm doing a geography assessment and need to know statistics that make tanzania poor? and some simple ways these problems can be tackled? help please

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    Re: What makes Tanzania poor?

    Tanzania is among the poor countries in Africa, this has been contributed by many factors regardless of having millions of resources to make Tanzania and same other countries in Africa rich. The reasons to why Tanzania is poor are as listed bellow

    1. Improper use of resources - many resources have been used in an appropriate ways leading to lack of development from family to nation level. This can be put into the form of Natural resources, funds people have been miss using funds on unwanted programs/plans hence leaving the targeted developments programs without funds to work with.

    2. Corruption and selfishness - most leaders have been thinking on their own benefit rather than to the national benefits that's why many leaders have been involved in high level corruption on National programs and fund hence leading the country into poverty. This has included entering into void contracts, buying used equipments rather than new ones just to save money for themselves, and etc

    3. Poor infrastructures - roads and rails have been the back bone on transportation in Tanzania but most roads are not accessible through out the year which makes difficult to travel and transport things around the country.

    4. Foreign investors - most of these investors are from abroad and most of the investments benefits they get always goes out of Tanzania and only small amount will remain to be circulated in the Tanzanian economy. Also some sectors which seems to bring lots of money in Tanzania is tourism but still majority of investors in this field are foreigners and the big portion of the income from Tourism goes out of Tanzania the same goes for investors in mining, Natural resources, etc.
    How to tackle these problems

    1. It is important that all resources allocated to national programs, projects etc are used accordingly to attain the required results.

    2. Leaders and everyone involved in leading other people should make sure that they do not think of themselves rather they should work for the country to bring about social and economic development, stop corruption in all levels of national activities.

    3. Use the available resources to improve infrastructure so that transportation can be easy and less expensive.

    4. Encourage local investors to invest in their economy since all the money will remain in Tanzania and will be felt in the Tanzania economy from family to National level.

    Hope this helps, if you have more questions let me know and i will help in anyway.
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    Re: What makes Tanzania poor?

    It basically differs on the economy and if we see in general niagara falls ny at night is helpful which comes around us as a need.

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    Re: What makes Tanzania poor?

    Tanzania isn't poor at all. They have a bunch of tourism. They have huge game parks, Masaii Mara being one of the largest in Africa. Also, Mount Kilimanjaro is also popular for many Europeans that like to travel. Dar es Salaam has huge ports for shipping and exporting/importing. And Zanzibar is a gorgeous tropical island that is very popular with other Africans and Westerners. The government is one of the most stable in East Africa.

    The one huge problem I can think of is that several of its towns, like Arusha, use the hydro-electric plant for their electricity and TZ has been having serious drought for several years, decreasing the levels of the river used for electricity. It's set things back a bit, but most places have gas powered generators.

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    Re: What makes Tanzania poor?

    That's a very valid question and i personally feel that having it all in one appropriate way which is basically working for the travelers can be taken care of and with the arrangements which is going to be taken care of. Generally the correct understanding which is there regarding these sources would be helpful.



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