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    Any suggestion about Paje beach?

    Has anyone of you ever gone to the famous and number one attraction of Paje in Tanzania. It looks like an amazing place and definitely a must visit. After reading the reviews online i really could imagine the beautiful views of the beach in my mind. Whosoever from you has gone to the place is lucky. Please tell me your experience as well

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    Re: Any suggestion about Paje beach?

    Paje beach is good place for relaxation of the mind my friends came back to the tour of beach and they said that beach is extraordinary superb every person is under the limit in the beach area..
    Must visit the site helpful for the visitor..new york to charlotte bus

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    Re: Any suggestion about Paje beach?

    Paje Beach is an ideal place for relaxation. It is one of the prettiest beaches of the world. I visited this destination last summer with my whole family. We have been there to enjoy our summer holidays. According to me it is an ideal place to enjoy a lot of water sports and many other activities.

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    Re: Any suggestion about Paje beach?

    I haven't been there the basic thing is to experience how things can be taken ahead especially during these things that works throughout. For me niagara falls ontario canada is one of those things which are helpful in all the ways.

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    Re: Any suggestion about Paje beach?

    My personal opinion is that no one could say Ndame isn't good..it is way above good! I would recomend to everyone who want to go to Zanzibar to visit this place even just for a dinner..food is delicious! They can be sometimes a bit slow in bringing what you have ordered, but that is because they are overbooked.

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