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Thread: Thailand tour

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    Thailand tour

    After taking the new years eve tours from boston, my father decided that he will explore Thailand destination with friends for the having fun and spending some quality time with them. Due to office works, they can't give time to his friends that's why now he want to take tour at this place with them, I am sure my father will enjoy having there.

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    Re: Thailand tour

    Noah! Your dad's plan is the best and fabulous for having heavy fun and enjoyment. He has chosen really a very best destination for that. It is the best way for spending and enjoying a quality of time with mates. Let me know that which kind of attractions your dad has added to his cart?

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    Re: Thailand tour

    Thailand is one most promising place for tourists and I would like to know what are your father's bucket destinations? I am sure Grand Palace would be on the top, right? If not so must suggest him to have a tour there during his journey. which is a complex building and major architectural symbol of Thaildand. This palace is the residenial area of the Kings of Siam and now visitors go to see there the maveluous work in form of houses, temples and museums . A large amount of visitors visit there each year and say the ponraomic views of that palace by paying 500 Baht Entrance Fee.

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    Re: Thailand tour

    Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination and offers a host of places to visit.Thailand is a collage of animated scenes that comprise bustling modern cities crowded with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples tended by orange-robed monks, hill tribes selling handicrafts, lush landscapes dotted with traditional farming villages, ancient ruins and stunning coastlines peppered with gorgeous beaches and blue lagoons.

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