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    Non touristic areas

    Can anyone recommend a non/less touristic area in Thailand? I'd like to see how the locals live, eat the real local food and see the country for what it is. I don't want it to be a place where I'd be the only tourist since that would bring a number of complications but I'd prefer something where I'd still be able to see the local way of life instead of being surrounded by other tourists.

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    Re: Non touristic areas

    I've lived here for 3 years, and though this country is crowded with tourists in spots, there are A LOT of places without any. I would recommend renting a car and heading up north. Because this is a country that runs on tourism, there are signs in English everywhere pointing out interesting places. You can drive to the middle of nowhere and explore caves, waterfalls, hiking trails, etc. Head to the town of Nan (far Northeast) and ride around the hills. It's beautiful and rural, and there are virtually no tourists (yet). The town is small and friendly, with a rich history. Have fun! Send me a message if you'd like any more details.

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    Re: Non touristic areas

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    Re: Non touristic areas

    crimsonghost747! I am a traveling lover and mostly I have visited there tourists places. That's why I have no idea about this kind of place. But I must ask about this to my uncle because in last years he lives there for two years so he must own it. I must share with you information if get any kind of stuff in this regard.

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