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    Become a travel agent

    homebasedtravelagent.com offers tons of information on how to start a home based travel agency

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    Re: Become a travel agent

    Its good that you want become travel agent but i have no idea that how you start home based travel agency in home...
    Must visit the site helpful for the visitor..new york to charlotte bus

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    Re: Become a travel agent

    Hi Sumeet,
    1.A love of travel and knowledge and enthusiasm for advising people about travel destinations and itineraries are important traits for a travel agent to have. Superb communication and computer skills are essential for talking with clients and making travel reservations.
    2.The minimum requirement for those interested in becoming a travel agent is a high school diploma or equivalent; although many travel agencies prefer applicants who have a college degree and business or travel experience
    3.Training specific to becoming a travel agent is available at the many vocational schools that offer full-time travel agent programs leading to a post secondary vocational award. Travel agent courses also are offered in public adult education programs.
    4.Travel agents must be well-organized, accurate, and detail-oriented in order to compile information from various sources and to plan and organize their clients’ travel itineraries. Agents also must be professional and courteous when dealing with travel representatives and clients. Other desirable qualifications include good writing and interpersonal skills and sales abilities. Personal travel experience is an asset because knowledge about a city or foreign country often helps influence a client’s travel plans
    5.Experienced travel agents can take advanced self-study or group-study courses from the Travel Institute

    Hope this is OK Good Luck.

    This was best idea to go shanghai bus tours for fun.

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    Re: Become a travel agent

    On professional basis agent can provide someone a lot of things and also if we see in general things can be seen throughout with the minimums and maximums. For me agencies they provides tours like niagara falls tour from nyc were quite good with all these needs.

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