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Thread: Amusement Parks

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    Amusement Parks

    Are there any amusement parks in Tunisia? I love to go to parks. Amusement parks attracts me and my family a lot.
    Is there roller coaster ride there?

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    Re: Amusement Parks

    YES.here a famous theme park in Tunisia.i visit it with bus to niagara falls canada from nyc.
    We enjoyed the rides especially the water ride however there isn't many rides to choose from. You could walk around the whole park and do some rides in less than an hour. However if you have children then they would enjoy it as there are quite a few children rides. We paid 17tnd per person for entry. There is also a few animals.

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    Re: Amusement Parks

    Acqua Palace Water Park is the beautiful park of Tunisia. It is my favorite park because of its water spots. Visitors can have visit there and can have great fun there at lazy river to the wave pool. For more the vigorous water slides are good for fun. It is a nice park for family visit. So I suggest you should go there once and enjoy the beauty of this park.

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    Re: Amusement Parks

    here present some top amusement parks of Tunisia-:
    Acqua Palace Water Park
    Carthageland Hammamet
    Spring Land
    AquaSplash Thalassa Sousse

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    Re: Amusement Parks

    With this kind of arrangements when it comes to experiencing something which goes a long way to us and is having an understanding with the needs surely all brings out a very fine impact in it Bus tour packages to Niagara Falls makes a mark and brings out the best out of everything in it.

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    Re: Amusement Parks

    fredmore ! It's something really great thing that you have shared here really great names of Amusement Parks Tunisia. I just so much love them and sure that things like that to enjoy will be the really great thing I am sure. well, Do anyone like to share the images of Spring Land?



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