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    Most visited city in Tunisia.

    I'm planning to go to Tunisia and wondering to know that which cities should i visit there that are really worth seeing.
    Also tell me if there any attraction in Tunisia which really impress me and my family.

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

    Tunisia is a VERY nice place to visit. They have excellent beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, and the weather is fantastic-
    it is hot, but there's always a nice ocean breeze to keep you cool. it have many cities where tourists came.
    its most visited cities are
    Sidi Bou Said
    Houmt Souk
    Port El Kantaoui
    I want to go niagara falls canadian side for some fun

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

    Nice sharing Lovely. your post is helpful for all tourists. i impressed about your post. Would you like tell me more detail about Sidi Bou Said?

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

    Monastir is the most popular city of Tunisia and is the great place for visit. It is a home of fabulous attractions, historical places, parks and amazing resorts. It is my favorite one travel destination around the world. I have been there after my trip from boston to niagara falls about few months ago with my few family members. I had a lot of experience there.

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

    1 El Djem Amphitheatre
    2 Djerba
    3 Sidi Bou Said
    4 Carthage
    5 Bardo Museum

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

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    Re: Most visited city in Tunisia.

    Its just really great to know about the Tunisia which is the great country to explore out I will be there for sure around such a grea places like that to enjoy such a nice place like that for sure after bus tours in canada. It will remins so much great I am so sure that



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