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    Social life in Turkey

    The social life of this beautiful city must be very appealing. The religion and cultures beautifully reflect the values and the customs of the Turks. It is amazing to know that they provide freedom of religion like many other states. The facilities and policies regarding the importance of education greatly encourage people and really do make them realize about how important an educated citizen is for the peace and prosperity of he country. Its something one must really try to find out!

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    Re: Social life in Turkey

    yes, you are right that the people of turkey as being often well-educated and in touch with what's going on in the world.
    Two things come into my mind whenever I am asked to describe Turkish people

    Hospitality - no matter where you are from, no matter that you are just a stranger, a traveler etc. If you are in Turkey you meet hospitable faces and helping hands.
    Respect - the way how old people are treated by their sons and daughters. I think that kind of respect and good manner have already disappeared in Europe.
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    Re: Social life in Turkey

    We desert something of ourselves when we leave a place, we remain there, despite the fact that we leave. What's more, there are things in us that we can discover again just by backpedaling there.

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    Re: Social life in Turkey

    Very interesting lifestyle of social activities in Turkey.

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    Re: Social life in Turkey

    In Turkey, the most important behavioral factors to be aware of are in respect to dining. According to Islamic dietary restrictions pork should not be consumed and alcohol is forbidden. In Turkey the restriction on pork is generally adhered to. For the locals, alcohol is now a part of life and today it forms a part of the culture for some people. However, most Turks do abstain from alcohol, especially those living in more rural areas.The collective dinner table is one of the traditional foundations of Turkish culture that symbolizes togetherness.

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