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    pedestrian shopping street

    If you visit in Istanbul turkey then do visit in pedestrian shopping street.The street are mostly in European countries and they provide the entertainment source for the visitors.The rules that is implemented to the visitors change from the country to county.In Istanbul you cannot walk on street but you get off the bus when you reached your destination spot.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    I also visited there with my friends during my holidays. We had great time there. It is a best place for shopping lovers. If you are shopping lover then I will suggest you to must go there once. I am sure you will spent great time there.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    I never have been there visited but now seems that you had really great time there with the place and so sure that it will be really mesmerizing for me alsi if i will try anything like this. Hyrrin what you think i should be there or not?

    Wants to take bus tour to 1000 Islands from boston.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    This is a very nice shopping street in the middle of the town with the southern end leading to Gamla-Stan. The street is lined with shops and restaurants along with malls such as Ahlens and NK. You can spend several hours browsing through the stores and trying out the different restaurants or cafes. Prices are relatively cheap in Stockholm compared to other Scandinavian cities, so it is a good place to shop.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    alexandrajohnson38! really good to see that you have shared truly nice and good information about pedestrian shopping street. I really like this and have to make a visit at there, have a good time with my friends there and like to make a visit at there again in my life for sure.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    I also have visited there once in my life before a year, it was a good time for me and had enjoyed lots of there. now i am gonna share some names with you that i have been visited these places with high interest.
    Grand Bazaar
    Topkapı Palace
    Galata Tower
    Hagia Sophia
    Süleymaniye Mosque

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    Thanks for giving the top shopping streets.

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    Re: pedestrian shopping street

    It regards have a conclusion to travel toward; yet the voyage matters, at last. Presently like never before do I understand that I will never be content with a stationary life, that I will dependably be spooky by considerations of a sun-doused somewhere else



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