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    Visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    I will be going to Northern Cyprus in July for a week staying in the Kyrenia area. i was wondering if anyone knows of the availability of cash-point machines there. Also if the nightlife is suitable for people in there 50s (I am to old for the thump thump discos these days but I do like live music. Thanks in advance

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    There are at least three in Kyrenia: one along Ziya Rizki Caddesi, one at Neopark Orhan Durusoy Caddesi and one at Ugur Mumcu Boulevard.
    There are lots of bars in and around Kyrenia. The Efendi Bar restaurant in Kamil Pasa had good old-fashioned Turkish music (rembetika) the last time we were there. I believe you can find plenty in Kyrenia that do not have those ear-piercingly loud disco and hip hop music that is so fashionable nowadays among the young!

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    Re: Visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    I do not have an idea about the machine but i realized that Cyprus is superb country as compare to the others cities in Turkey its public places and specially for the tourist its safe place no fear of any robbers or thief...
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    Re: Visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    i am sorry i don't have much information about the cash machines in cyprus. but i hope you enjoyed your visit there. share your experience with us. which season is best for going in cyprus? and which are the best places there?
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    Re: Visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    I also vsited there before going to enjoy my bus tours to niagara falls from philadelphia with my friends. We stay there for few days and had lots of fun there. It is a nice place for having fun. Millions of tourist go there with family and kids and enjoy incredible beauty of this amazing region. It is a great place for visit where tourist can visit and see a divers kind of attractions there. What will you sat about it?



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