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    Köprülü Canyon

    According to my uncle Köprülü Canyon is a most visited and famous park of this region. He went there before going with niagara falls tower and tell me little about it. Guys do you know about this park then let me know becuase after hearing aboaut it I am interested to go there and keen to know about it more. so,, reply must..

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    Re: Köprülü Canyon

    prülü Canyon is the most fabulous national park of Turkey and promising one destination among the visitors. It is my favorite park because of its nature beauty. I visited there about six months ago with my friends. We had a lot of fun there. So I suggest you should go there once and enjoy the beauty of this park.

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    Re: Köprülü Canyon

    turkey has lots of places to have some fun there ahead. i was just been to there once in my life and had a great time there.I will love to say that Köprülü Canyon is a place that i have seen two times in my life that was an amazing time for me and i will like to explore there again after my boston to niagara falls bus. I am so sure that i will have a good time there.

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    Re: Köprülü Canyon

    Looks amazing and sound perfect that it would work if we see bus tour to niagara falls is one of those sources which has enough appeal and in the same way many things does impact it a lot which is one of the fine ways throughout that we get to experience.



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