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    Izmir clock tower, worth a visit?

    The tower of Izmir which was built in 1901 looks like a cultural and historical place. It seems like a good place to go to but i cant find real good activities to carry out over there. Does anybody have any idea of any nearby place where i can also have fun and get a chance to see the tower as well?

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    Re: Izmir clock tower, worth a visit?

    İzmir Clock Tower is an amazing landmark of Turke. It is a nice place for history lovers to explore on earth. Its historical spots appeals me a lot. I have been there about few years ago with my friends. We stay there for few hours and had an awesme experience there. If you are history lover so I will suggest you to must go there once. I am sure you will have great time there.

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    Re: Izmir clock tower, worth a visit?

    I visited many times in my life Turkey and I see its most of attractions, but I like all of them İzmir Clock Tower. This tower has great attention in the visiting points. Now I share an image of this tower Which I captured in my last tour.

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    Re: Izmir clock tower, worth a visit?

    Sounds like that Azmir clock tower is really a worth visiting place especially at night. The image is really so much nice and adorable. So i will like to act upon it and will be there for sure after some time. i will like to be there with my la to grand canyon tour. I hope it will be a great time there for me to enjoy some of the things like that so much.

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    Re: Izmir clock tower, worth a visit?

    Giving such things a while is never a bad idea and in my opinion finding everything that would help us a lot with the outcome it keeps on growing with all the approach we have with it can be carried away niagara falls tours from new york is one step ahead and finding the right way for us is pretty decent to me.



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