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    Facebook Ads Activated Account with 2500$ Credits, Payment Method Added Already

    Complete Professional Facebook Advertising Solutions
    Dear Sir,
    If your facebook Advertising account has disabled and your ads unable to be displayed now on facebook.
    If you are interested to Advertise your business on facebook to get targeted traffic, High volume of Impressions, Clicks and Likes.
    If facebook Disable your account and you need new account for advertisement on facebook.
    If Facebook Disable your Facebook Advertising Account and you want to recover this account again. Buy new account and run your ads.
    Account age, Updating and Activities
    Dear sir, We are Professional and Experienced in Facebook Advertising Solutions, We have been working in this field since 5 years, we are preparing and providing Facebook Advertising Accounts for your business Marketing on facebook. All these accounts are more then 2 years old, have been properly managed, getting posted on daily basis. We are updating these account on about daily, adding friends, liking posts, adding new posts, creating activities and managing accounts to make these account work as normal.

    Account Locations and Countries
    We have accounts with different Countries, like USA, Canada, UK, Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, India, Philippine, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, Egypt, and about all the countries of the world. Suppose, if you are in Turkey, We shall give you Turkey Account and you will login in on any normal Turkey IP, it will work Perfectly.

    100% Verified with Documents and Mobile
    Each account is fully verified by already providing Documents to facebook. 100% fully verified with documents and mobile number verified account do not ask any further verification. But you can provide me your mobile number, i will set up your mobile number into the account. if facebook need any further verification then you will get verification code on your mobile and account will work perfectly as normal.

    2500$ Advertising Credits and Spending Limit
    Dear sir, These Accounts are having 2500$ spending limits with them. you can advertise any product, website or facebook page in any country of the world. You can spend 2500$ From this account without paying any thing to facebook. Once you have spent 2500$ then Facebook will say you to Add valid funding Source. if you will not add any payment method then facebook will stop displaying your ads. It totally depends upon you, you can continue your ads displaying by providing any payment method like credit card or paypal. you can add any Coupons any time into this account.

    Price and Payment Method
    The Price of this Account is 300$. This Price is fix for every country. We accept Payment through Perfect Money, Bitcoins, Webmoney and Payoneer. If you want, we can provide you guideline and about payment method.

    100% Replacement Warranty and Refund
    you will spend 2500$ credits from this account guaranteed. Suppose in any case, you could not spend 2500$ from this account. we shall provide you replacement Account free. If in any case, Account do not work for your advertising campaign, we shall replace this account Free. We provide 100% Warranty about our services. We can Refund your full money, in case you are not satisfied with our Product.

    Advertising Services
    Dear sir, if you are not enough skillful about, how to manage facebook adverting? well, we provide complete professional Services about this. In this case, we ourselves advertise your business as per your instructions. We are responsible of making ads, running your campaigns, and managing it completely. you need to provide us, Image, URL, Title and Text of ads. you will start getting results instantly. You will pay 300$ for advertising account and 200$ for service fee. you will get 2500$ advertisement by paying 500$.

    Contact to buy
    Skype = Fbads9
    Email = Rootasing101(at)hotmail dot com

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    Re: Facebook Ads Activated Account with 2500$ Credits, Payment Method Added Already

    Nice stuff that you have shared nice stuff about the various things and so sure that it will be very nice and amazing time for me to read more and more.

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    Re: Facebook Ads Activated Account with 2500$ Credits, Payment Method Added Already

    Such a beautiful stuff for having some fun there ahead always. i will love to go through it more and more after my yosemite day tours. You really did a great job.

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    Re: Facebook Ads Activated Account with 2500$ Credits, Payment Method Added Already

    albertokevin520! Gooding to agree with above members. You have shared great kind of stuff here about this add. I must share this information with my other friends. Because they also really interested to get information about these kinds of things.



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