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    Cool The Beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

    There are so many beautiful rural and coastal areas in the UK yet so many of us tend to neglect them,choosing instead to go abroad in search of the sun. I have to include myself in this group and actually relocated abroad, a big part of the reason being the sunshine.
    As a small five or six year old child I spent much of my holiday time staying in relatives caravans on the Pembrokeshire beaches of "Newgale" and "Whitesands", way on the west coast. "Whitesands" being a few minutes walk from St. Davids, the smallest city in the UK.
    The caravans were parked in farmers fields and we used to walk over the pebble breakwater to what seemed like miles of large white sand beach. Large rock pools where we could go shrimping, and big breakers where the surfer dudes used to practise their art. The sun always seemed to shine in those days and we would play, swim and build sandcastles until mum called us over for our egg tomato and sand sandwiches. Happy happy days.
    As I grew older, I lived in Middlesex growing up, I started to move around the south of the country, did a stint in the services and due to family problems my love affair with the Pembrokeshire coast started to wain.
    I hadn't been back to the area for over twenty five years but after the birth of my youngest son decided to take my wife away to show her where I used to spend my summers as a child and away we went for a long week-end.
    Fully expecting to find big purpose built caravan parks, fairground type amusements for the kids I was absolutely amazed. It was like going back in time, caravans still in the same field and even the corrugated tin shop that used to sell buckets and spades shrimping nets etc. was still there, and looked exactly the same as I remembered it.
    After making enquiries with our b&b owner it was all down to the Welsh National Parks, nothing was allowed to be built or changed and hopefully nothing ever will.
    If only the sunshine at home was as it is out here.

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    That sounds absolutely lovely....it's always wonderful when some things remain untouched and undisturbed by people. It does feel a bit like being transported in time, doesn't it?

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    Re: The Beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

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    Re: The Beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

    Great advice and nice pembrokeshire coast. Thanks!

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    Re: The Beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

    TheBrit! I would like to say that you have shared really very informative and useful stuff about Pembrokeshire Coast here with all of us. I appreciate to you for this great sharing and lov to say that it is the unknown destination for me before reading your shared stuff and now I have got lots of informative information about it from here.



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