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    Register now and discover the beauty of Musandam

    Discover Musandam (19 21 /12 / 2013)

    It was an idea comming accross to give a chance to people who visit Musandm to lockup more deep of places and locations might tourism companies can not provide and offer to visit and see.

    It is an idea to show the beauty of musandam by creative way but at the same time it is a chance to youth researchers to see the secrets of beauty in musandam espicially in this event " discover musandam " because it cover different type of places , sea , mountains and the whole idea handled by Omani people.

    Night meeting will handel by Ziry Group who recently get great success in Nnational Day celebrations under the name of " Musandam Celebrate ".

    The main day in discover musandam journey will handel by Khasab Travel and Tourism Company and some suuport from local young people who have 4 wheel cars and having experience dealing with tourists and road which you like to see the real adventure on it .

    Last day will handle by Shisa Travel and Tourism Company which will start by getting around of Dibba Wilayat include Six Sense Resort and then getting around east deserts and islands by traditional ships across Lima untill one of the most important khor in Musandam called Khor Alnajd

    We are looking up for your feedback and opinion in the last day and there is competition of the best photo pictured during the trip.

    "Hope u join us and get areal adventure that will never ever forgotten"

    Travel Plan :
    Thursday (19 December 2013) :

    1. A briefing session with dinner .

    2.Presentation of itierary and it's important activites.

    Friday (20 December 2013) :

    3. Start with exciting adventure by SUV through road between the narrow mountain tracks , through mountain villages and wheat farms, green valleys between highlands where the visitor can stand there.

    4.Stop in Al-cia and Al-rhiba mountain villages to take some photos and eat lunch+Detalied explanation of fossils and fossiles in that region with an estimated age of geological fossils by more than 250 million years ago when the sea flooded the mountain peaks.

    5.View from the Top of Bana Valley and reach the flat summit of Mount Harem (The highest peak in Musandam Governorate), from that height the visitor can sees fish and shells fossils and other marine life in stone.

    6. Passing Bih Valley and take panoramic photos of those views.

    7.Sbtan, identify the old local settlements and Biat AL-qofel which is a special type of architecture is famous for Musandam Governorate from other Provinces show how old Omani craftsmanship in adapting to weather conditions and life.

    8.Go down to Al-khab Al-shamsi Valley to take photos.

    9.Arrive to Waliyat Dibba and go to Golden Tulip Hotel .

    10. Camping so far from the bustle of the city with dinner.

    Saturday (21 December 2013) :

    11. Breakfast at Golden Tulip Hotel in Dibba.

    12.Go to Six Senses Resort (Tour and Lunch).

    13. Cruise on the East coast of Musandam and pass Lima which feature with many crafts and enjoy the sight of marine that will memorial in memory of the coolest picks of views where rock formations of the mountain range bordering directly on the sea and birds that fly over blue water along the distance between Khasab and Lima.

    14.Lunch on the deck and enjoy the beautiful seascapes and watching dolphins.

    15. View from the Top of the Khor Al-najd mountain one of the creeks in Musandam Governorate, located on the panoramic view from 420 meters where an astonishing sea and mountains in majestic view.

    16. Return

    To register visit this websit :

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    Re: Register now and discover the beauty of Musandam

    Thanks for such great information, the good thing i found in this is all the information is authentic and verified.



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