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    Hair dye wont stay

    So i dye my hair 2 times a year maybe 3. Well a few months ago i dyed my hair and it washed out like 2 days later, i figured it was because it was a cheap kind. So a few weeks later tried a different brand and same thing happened. Since then i have tried 2 other brands nothing will stay. Why does this keep happening? And what can i do to stop it??

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    Re: Hair dye wont stay

    Bleached hair holds dye much less well than virgin or slightly damaged hair. The bleaching process lifts up the clear shiny outer hair scales and rips apart the natural keratin color underneath, but after this, the scales don't ever re-close. When you add dye colorant to hair, the dye soaks up under the scales and then (ideally) the scales close back down and trap the color underneath. On bleached hair, the dye falls out really quickly from washing because it's not trapped. Virgin and slightly damaged hair are able to re-close easily, so these areas of your hair should look pretty good.

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    Re: Hair dye wont stay

    Its nothing that you are really doing wrong. Its the pigment in you hair and the pigment in the dye. You can ask any beautician red ever holds to the the pigment it always fades. Its just the way the dye is. But to help go a couple shades darker than what you want and only use semi-perment color it does less damage to you hair and you can update you color more often without hurting your hair. but use a deep conditioner and color protection shampoo! Trust ME!... make sure though that you get it at the salon and NOT the store,( its not the good stuff)

    Hair stylist Bondi



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