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    Watkins glen attractions

    I am going to share Watkins glen attractions with all of you. Which you can explore there.
    Pavilion-Lakeside Park
    Clute Park & Campground  
    Watkins Glen State Park  
    Watkins Glen / Corning KOA
    Lakeside Resort  

    Would you like to share with us which is your favorite there?

    tour from nyc to niagara falls was amazing for us.

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    Re: Watkins glen attractions

    Pavilion-Lakeside Park is a really nice and beautiful destination for travelling point of view. I have ben visited there at once in my life the last year I visited there so now I have the plan to go there with my all friends. According to my aunt its Address is Watkins Glen, NY 14891, United States. Now I am enjoying my 2 day trips from boston............

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    Re: Watkins glen attractions

    Pavilion-Lakeside Park is a new type of place for me as I have never been there nor heard about it. It sounds really cool as I can read in above posts. I want to see some images of this destination. After that I will think about a tour to this place. Will anyone like to share here?

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    Re: Watkins glen attractions

    FERI...! I am also big lover of traveling and I must say that your shared information is very useful for me as for other readers. I have good experience of Watkins Glen State Park because I have been there numerous times in my life to enjoy incredible beauty of this awesome park. Millions of tourist go there each year with family and kids and had great time there.

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    Re: Watkins glen attractions

    Watkins glen state park is a best place for having enjoyment and you can enjoy there hiking. It is also famous park and my favourite too. I had remarkable time there with my few family members during my tour. It was a memorable moment while I was captured many beautiful images of this park in my camera. I want to share the names of some fabulous attractions which you can explore near at this park such as:

    Lakewood Vineyards
    Castel Grisch
    Clute Park Campground
    Seneca Lake Wine Trail



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