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Thread: London

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    Guys I have plan to visit London in my free time with my aunt. She is very old and would love t comfortable and nice views of this place. I have no idea this kind of any place. So would you like to share with all of us.

    Going to take gain bus tour from new york.

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    Re: London

    London is such a nice place on the map of the world and one of my dream destinations. it is filled with beautiful places which one can explore. Here are the names of them;
    London Eye
    Tower of London
    Tower Bridge
    Buckingham Palace
    St Paul's Cathedral
    British Museum
    Madame Tussauds London.

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    Re: London

    I like you sharing names of attractions Of London buddy. St Paul's Cathedral is a new place for me and I have no idea about that. So dude would you like to share some sufficient stuff with all of us about that?

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    Re: London

    London is an outstanding place to go for visit lovers and I wanna go for it to have fun. Soon I will be there once more to see its beauty and enjoy its nightlife with my brother who settled there since 2014. I am sure it will be fun time to go for me to be there and spend some time with my brother.

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    Re: London

    London is a most precious city of England. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, historical places, national parks, rivers and memorising islands. There are many fabulous and stylish resorts where you can enjoy dining. I have been there about few times ago with my few cousins to enjoy holidays. We all had huge fun there. It was a memorable tour of my life. I really enjoyed there photography. In my point of view it is a best place to enjoy family holidays.



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