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    Cape cod Whale Watching

    Hi all my father is planning to have a cape cod bus tours he is not well and underdipression i don't konw when he used to smile last. So i decided to take him somewhere out, that he loved so much and i decided to do everything he loves do. What do you think that Cape cod would be a nice place, would we able to see whales there? One more thing during this tour we are also planning to have a tour of Martha Vineyard, as he had great effections towards nature. What would you guys says???
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    Re: Cape cod Whale Watching

    yeah Buddy I am so sure that it will be one of the good time for you to go there with your father so buddies just try to make him happy,and i am sure that it wil work like you are concernig about him, i will like to get experience of your father that how muh time he will have there so share here will read id after my niagara falls tours departing from washington dc..

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    Re: Cape cod Whale Watching

    Well, Flora, I think Cape Code will be a perfect choice for your father to go there and have a break from his stressed and busy life. If he have interest in travelling than I am damn sure that this cape cod tour will be really remarkable for him and give him a chance to have fun while forgetting the worries.

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    Re: Cape cod Whale Watching

    You are right Ismal it will be a fun wy to go for enjoying Cape cod Whale Watching and hope so ti will be a fun way for Flora's father. Anyway, It seems to me you personally experienced it that's why as much sure. If you have some time around Cape Cod then buddy let me know through your next reply and drop your travel story for all. i hope you would like to share with all readers.
    I had great time to go with west coast tour usa.



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