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    Banh Mi Pho - A new fast food in Saigon

    Certainly, no one can tell all kinds of breads in Vietnam because each region has the different "variations" styles. With pho bread (Banh Mi Pho), this dish was a mix of picky flavor of noodle and quickness of bread .

    The pho bread looks like a regular hamburger, but a big difference has seen in the crust. By creation, chef of Ro22 makes the pho bread with crusts having fragrant smell of pho. Bread flour is mixed with 22 spices used in noodle soup, so it takes more time and skills to make the crust than other types of crust.

    Undergo several stages and be molded at the hands of bakers, spices is absorbed into flour, after baking, the crust of the bread was not only fragrant, delicious, crunchy, but also has a special smell of Vietnamese Pho inside .

    Vegetables eaten with this bread are basils, corianders and onions instead of lettuces or tomatoes - these herbs are indispensable when eating noodles. Main crumb consists of brisket and plate. Beef which is cooked and sliced in accordance with standard of pho is moderately soft. Just from the first bite of the bread, diners have felt the special taste of pho. The trick is that after clamping the beef, the vegetables, the chef will add a sauce similar as condensed soup cooked from the bones as other common noodle soup uphill, finally a bit of chili sauce is added.

    Like many other fast foods, it only takes 1-3 minutes to have a hot loaf of bread with fragrant smell of traditional beef noodle soup. This is a fast food with health benefits because it contains many nutrients as a bowl of pho. You can fully replace "a bowl of pho" by "a loaf of pho bread" in busy days without worries about the quality as the other fast foods.

    Pho bread is the perfect combination cuisine of the South and the North: Saigon bread has long been a distinctive brand of the South, also when mentioning Northern cuisine it is the known pho.
    Whether this food appeared in Vietnam not long ago, but not only Vietnamese people but a lot of foreign tourists have come to try it. Most of them feel the novelty and charm of the bread. The first shop selling this dish is Ro22, Truong Dinh Street, District 3, HCMC. With trips to ho chi minh city or trips from ho chi minh city to mekong delta, visitors will have chance to enjoy this new and delicious food.

    Source : https://www.vietnamtourbooking.com/e...e-forests.html

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    Re: Banh Mi Pho - A new fast food in Saigon

    I|ts really informative post and this image make me hungry because I love it. I would like to try it and wanna go for Banh Mi Pho to try it. I am sure it will be a fun way to go ahead and have fun. I am sure there will be fun thing to do. I hope to go for it will gonna a nice kind of option for me.

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    Re: Banh Mi Pho - A new fast food in Saigon

    Saigon is a place which basically named out as Ho Chi Minh City. It is commonly known as Saigon located in Vietnam. This is a famous city which filled with lots of attractions. I also have visited this place before my san jose silicon valley tours and have a good time. I will be there soon again and would like to tr out this new food in future. Anyone other like to go there?

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    Re: Banh Mi Pho - A new fast food in Saigon

    it is really good to see that you have shared here really nice information about Saigon. This one is really new for me as I have never been there in life till yet but would love to go there as I am really like to explore new places. I am sure that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for sure.



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