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    Activities For Kids In Boston Area

    Boston is a cities of universities and multinational companies and also has a rich culture because it is one of the oldest cities in US. May I ask if any body can tell about the activities that kids can do in Boston area. I will be living in Boston for a few months for some work and am currently doing some search on the internet to keep kids busy and find some activities and other fun things in the Boston area.

    My kids like hiking and other outdoor activities and we can travel as far as 50 miles on weekends if we find an activity that good. Suggestions on finding useful activities for kids are welcome.

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    Re: Activities For Kids In Boston Area

    I'm from the Boston area as well. I loved going to the museum as a kid and going on the duck tours. You can also find a lot of coupons for kid-friendly activities in Boston online. I've found coupons for bowling, movies, etc. I used to also love going to Chunkies as a kid. Good food, and good movies. Where could you go wrong?! Skateland was really popular when I was young too, but I haven't heard much about them since. I agree with you when it comes to hiking and whatnot, the scenery in New England is beautiful.

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    Re: Activities For Kids In Boston Area

    1. Splash in the outdoor fountain at The Frog Pond in Boston Common
    2. Grab a blanket and watch a movie at Hatch Shell’s Free Friday Flicks
    3. Hit all the best ice cream hot spots around town: Christina’s
    4. One sweet word: Scooperbowl .

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    Re: Activities For Kids In Boston Area

    I am sure kids can have a quality time during their visit these things and also to me bus tour from new york is quite helpful because of the way it all goes.



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